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Kinsley is created using responsibly resourced Eucalyptus wood supported with strong inner aluminium tubing. This mixed material collection combines the authentic beauty of natural wood and strong, bold rope. The organic oils in the Eucalyptus prevent insects, water and moisture from penetrating and creating abnormal expansion – protecting it from rotting and deterioration. The premium recycled polyester rope is developed for marine use, making it suitable to withstand the wetter months. High strength, resistance and extreme durability are some of the impressive features the rope has to offer. Constructed with UV stabilised yarn, woven with more than 10,000 strands with a reinforced core. The double braided cover makes the rope extremely strong but soft to the touch – a perfect match for the solid, natural frames.

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Materials: Eucalyptus Wood – Natural Grey Rope – Oatmeal Fabric – Wood Individual Component Dimensions: W72.8 x D94.6 x H103.5cm