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Respa Villa Divan Bed

The Respa Villa Bed comes with a sumptuous mattress crafted with an impressive combination of the Respaform Pocket Spring System and memory foam, that will guarantee a superior nights sleep! The Villa model features 950 pocket springs that react independently and adjust to each unique individual giving optimum support to each part of the body.

30mm of body moulding memory foam is added to the mattress to maximise full body support, while enhancing the comfort of this mattress for anyone sleeping on it. With the addition of fibre and polyester fillings the comfort of the Villa is outstanding!

For a beautiful finish the Villa has a soft knit fabric cover that adds an extra touch of luxury. As a non-turn mattress you will simply have to rotate this mattress from top to bottom regularly to help prolong its lifespan.

The Respa Villa Bed comes in a choice of 6 stunning colours. With something for everyone, you are sure to find a perfect match for you!
We advise contacting the office for a colour sample to ensure what you choose is the colour and fabric you want before ordering a bed!!

– Mattress Tension: Medium/Soft

– Mattress Depth: 27cm

This is a non turn mattress.

• Image of divan is for illustration only, this particular model will come with the base with no drawers.

• Featured headboard is NOT included in the price but may be purchased if you wish. To purchase this headboard with your bed you can do so when completing your order. Headboard measures 24in high and will come with two wooden struts that will fit the headboard to the divan base.

(**Headboard will automatically be ordered in the matching colour as the base**)

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Respa Magma Divan Bed

Looking for exceptional orthopaedic support but want relaxing comfort as well? Then look no further than the Magma Drawer Bed from Respa! Its mattress is created with Respa’s own 12.5 gauge RespaTech Spring System ensuring the Magma has firm support built in. Insulating fibre pads and polyester fillings add the comfort factor to this mattress.

With a tufted finish the Magma mattress comes complete in a Belgian damask fabric with purotex that will add a little luxury. As a double sided mattress it has handles to help flipping the mattress easier.

Drawers discreetly placed in the base of the Magma allow you to have a little extra storage, especially handy if space is limited.

The Respa Magma Drawer Bed comes in a choice of 6 stunning colours. With something for everyone, you are sure to find a perfect match for your bedroom!

– Mattress Tension: Medium/Firm

– Mattress Depth: 27cm

– Image is for illustration only – this bed will come with 2 drawers on either side of the base, two to the left side and two to the right side.

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Respa Letto Divan Bed

The Letto mattress in this Collection combines the clinically cooling benefits of RespaGel Infused, ThermoCool Fabric & Respa Airflow Foam for maximum comfort, breathability, and airflow. With Respas unique RespaForm Pocket Spring 2000 Spring System and robust Foam Encapsulation for added edge to edge support. Sleepfresh Technology with a natural anti-allergen is also included keeping dust mites and bacteria at bay while you get a clean refreshing nights sleep.

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Respa Zen 3000 Divan Bed

Respa Inspire Natural Rest. The Zen 3000 encompasses all things natural with Natural fillings of Wool, Flax, Linen & Natural Latex making this a highly breathable mattress. Our unique RespaForm 1000 Pocket Spring System and RespaForm 1000 Mini-Pocket Springs with individually pocketed springs adds additional comfort and support contouring to your body shape. The Zen offers anti-allergen protection as it includes Sleepfresh Technology – a natural probiotic which stops dust mites, bacteria & odours in their tracks. Breathable fabrics and natural materials all help with Thermoregulation keeping you at a stable body temperature all night. Foam encased in a robust foam frame adding support and preventing any roll off feel.

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