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Fama Helsinki Armchair

Helsinki is a design armchair with large dimensions and elegant style. Its straight lines create a timeless design that brings together modernity and a touch of tradition. Decorated with lots of cushions to provide an amazing comfort.
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Fama Helsinki

Helsinki, a sofa of straight forms with a timeless design, that combines modernity with a touch of tradition provided by the large armchair of elegant style.
With Helsinki a new type of seat was born, the You&Me, an armchair of generous proportions that allowed us to accommodate either one or two people comfortably, creating a perfect space to enjoy the leisure moments. Thanks to this piece, to the model’s visual lightness and to its great comfort, Helsinki became one of our best sellers in a very short time
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Fama Marilin

Light and very comfortable side chair. Thanks to its reduced dimensions, it allows us different uses: dining chair, in the bedroom, in the office, etc. It is ideal for installations. There are six wood finishes available for the legs: natural, cherry, walnut, wenge, silver and black.

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Fama Kylian

Kylian is Komba’s alter ego; it shares the seat and arm design, but with a bigger backrest that adopts a smooth and curved line that provides a more traditional look. The combination of the lumbar cushion and the weighted headrest provides an incredible comfort.

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Fama Adan

Adan is the first Zero Wall swivel and electric recliner armchair in the market. At last, you can have a swivel recliner without having to separate it from the wall. Adan needs only 10cm from the wall to open properly. Extra-long footrest for an incredible comfort.

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Fama Kalahari

KALAHARI is a modular programme with a special design. It has with no padded back cushions and very soft curved shapes inspired by the desert dunes. The combination options are endless, and totally different from what we currently have.
The new Kalahari model offers curved shapes and mid length modules, which bring more space to straighten the legs, sit down with your feet up, or sit down with your legs crossed. We claim that this new type of mid length chaise lounges offers great comfort. The medium chaise unit’s “K” and “H” are our individual medium chaises, while “MB” and “MBX” are the larger versions.
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Fama Pacific

Pacific is a very special modular programme with an overwhelming personality. It consists of six platforms of different measures which you can add or remove backrests to in the blink of an eye with a really smart fixing system. Therefore, a footstool platform can be converted into a module or a sofa in less than a minute, without screws or tools. You can convert two independent conventional sofas into a modern chaise lounge opened on both sides.
In addition to the various measures of rectangular platforms, this model has a curved piece that allows us to create the most comfortable You&Me, an attractive chaise lounge or an elegant curved sofa, very original and cosy. With a generous depth, Pacific lets you play with its different cushions to suit every position or situation.
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Fama Mondrian Armchair

This new armchair has a design that will make it become one of the most iconic pieces in the Fama range. Our aim was to design a very light armchair, which could ergonomically adapt to the shape of the body. The most important thing is that it offers a great comfort, and when closed you would never say it is a recliner.

At the moment it is only available in the manual relax version, and it offers two different positions: the first one is an upright position, which is just perfect to watch TV, read, etc.. and the second position is laying down with the feet up at the same level as the heart, which favours a heart-healthy position.

The most important thing is that it offers great comfort. Above all, it has such a light design when is closed that no one could say it is a recliner chair. The new mechanism with motor will be coming soon.

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Fama Axel

As there are customers who like the comfort of our Avalon model, but are not very keen on the padded design. Therefore, we would like to present our new model which has the same base as the Avalon, but without padded design, and it also has a more contemporary touch. Its name is AXEL.

In addition to the Avalon arms, it can also be produced with The Dune, Jazz, Sunset, and Wave arms of the Atlanta&Baltia recliners. The recliner options have increased. We offer the same modules as our Avalon and Atlanta&Baltia recliners, and the possibility of using of the previous recliner’s components.

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Fama Simone

Inspired by the sofas of the 70s with diamond-shaped buttoned backs, Simone is destined to become a new classic in the Fama catalogue.

Simone has a more daring design, but with a high back that offers an exceptionally comfortable upright sitting.

Special attention should be paid to the armchair and You&Me versions; they are really dangerous designs, if you are not alert they can trap you like you would never have imagined…

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Fama Moonrise XL Armchair

We like creating compact sofas or large armchairs. Moonrise XL is the result of this, a special piece designed for those couples who love each other and like to enjoy their relax moments together. It is a new typology of recliner for two people, a unique, great and charming piece. The reclining system works with a remote control and can be stopped in different positions. This model has two independent adjustable headrests. If you donÔÇÖt want to fall into temptation, youÔÇÖd better not try it.

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Fama Nadia Armchair

Nadia is a swivel, rocker and electric recliner.

Its exclusive design can be combined with any other model, especially with model Nadine.

It comes with a headrest adjustable in height. The recliner mechanism is the same as in the Moonrise but this model is 15cm narrower.

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Fama Moonrise Armchair

15 years after creating one of our most important icons, the Moon recliner, we thought it was about time to update it. Looking at the design of the Moon chair, no one could image that our bestselling model of all times is now 15 years old. Therefore, there was not much we could change to enhance a model that has not become old-fashioned at all. We have only made minor changes aimed at improving its incredible comfort: a new headrest and the footrest, joined to the seat, have achieved what seemed almost impossible: beating the comfort of Moon. Moonrise is born, a model that will live together with the classic Moon recliner.

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Fama Lenny Armchair

Lenny is perhaps our most iconic design, a clever combination of concave and convex curves that create a unique and unrepeatable armchair. Its fibre seat and back cushions offer an incredible comfort. The base is a swivel and rocking mechanism. The round footstool is the perfect accessory to make Lenny an amazingly comfortable piece.

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Fama Kim Armchair

Kim is a recliner with an exquisite design, visually light and amazingly comfortable. Its curved shapes make it an original and attractive design which can be combined with any sofa or corner style. Its seat and footrest in one piece contribute to its great comfort. It is available as a manual or motorised recliner, but always swivel.
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Fama Calessi

Calessi is a contemporary model, elegant and very comfortable. Calessi has two modules with the arm assembled, there is also the option of a charging system via USB port on the arm. A new fibre headrest has been created to improve the comfort, and finally, the composition of the seat interiors has been changed, for a smooth and wrinkle-free sitting.

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Fama Avalon

Avalon is a reclining modular sofa which runs out from the conventional design of sofas with a low folding back. Contrary to the majority trends imposed by the market, we wanted to create a generously sized backrest that we equipped with a new button effect inspired by the diamond-shaped buttoned backs of the 70s. This backrest, along with the design of the arms and the 12 cm leg, make Avalon a different model with a great personality.

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